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Posted by Dagio - May 27th, 2019

Gangster Bros. Maker is finally here! For several years, it's been an off-and-on (mostly off) project. What started as some gameplay tweaks turned into a full renovation of the level editor. Almost every aspect of the original game can be created within the editor now, as well as a handful of new additions.

Consider this the final official release of Gangster Bros. Unfortunately, this will likely be my final Flash project, as the platform is all but dead these days. But I've been wanting to get this final version released for a while now, so here it is at long last. Enjoy!


Editor Features

  • Fully redesigned interface.
  • New enemies, including goombas and flying fish.
  • Special terrain added, such as water, lava, and icicles.
  • Moving platforms added.
  • Vertical levels are now possible.
  • More background images and colors.
  • Options for level name, background music, and ambience.
  • Eight save level slots.
  • Ability to export entire campaigns.
  • Playable demo level.¬†Within the editor, click Load, then click Demo Level.

Gameplay Features

  • New rapid-fire semi-automatic weapon.
  • Improved physics and hit detection.
  • 180 degree aiming.



  • Left-click - Shoot
  • Up/W - Jump
  • Down/S - Duck
  • Left//A - Move Left
  • Right/D - Move Right
  • M - Toggle Music
  • Q - Quit Game

Graphics Quality

Press the following keys to change the graphics quality in-game:

  • F1 - Low quality (default setting - recommended)
  • F2 - Medium quality
  • F3 - High quality
  • F4 - Best quality


  • godmario (God Mode)
  • duckhunt (Infinite Ammo)
  • getalife (Infinite Lives)
  • beararms (Semi-Automatic Weapon)


Posted by Dagio - February 25th, 2009


Mouse - Aim
Left-click - Shoot
Left/right arrows or AD - Move
Up arrow or W - Jump
Down arrow or S - Duck
M - Toggle music

Level Editor:

There are bound to be a ton of questions regarding the level editor, so here are the most common:

Q: How do I place objects in the editor?
A: Select the type of object you want (terrain, enemy, or item), cycle through the different objects with the arrows, and click the create button to create that object.

Q: How do I control these objects?
A: Use the three methods: drag, type, and remove.
-Drag mode allows you to move and place objects along the grid.
-Type is used to replace an object with another object. It's used as a "paste" tool.
-Remove mode is used to delete objects within the map.

Q: How do I change backgrounds?
A: There are several predefined backgrounds. Use the arrows in the top middle area to change the background image and color.

Q: How do I test my level?
A: Click the play button in the top right corner.

Q: How do I exit test mode?
A: Press "Q" to exit test mode and return to the editor.

Q: How do I save and load my levels?
A: The save button will save the current level into memory in one of five slots and can be loaded. To share a level, use the export button to generate the level's code. The text will appear in the box to the right of the export button. Select all and copy/paste it into something like Notepad for later use. To load a level, paste your exported code into the import text box and select import.

Q: Where are the exit pipes?
A: They're the last 8 tiles under terrain. Don't place more than one in your level or else you'll get weird results.


1 - lake
2 - shop
3 - mountains
4 - forest
5 - sewer
6 - beach
7 - courtyard
8 - castle
9 - boss

God Mode - "godmario"
Infinte Ammo - "duckhunt"
Infinte Lives - "getalife"